Sneak peek

Here's a block from a new project I am working on.

Here’s a block from a new project I am working on.

Here’s a block I put together for a new quilt I started recently. I hope to have more to post soon!


New blog, new project

I’m going to pretend that starting this new blog was the driving force behind this new knitting project, but if I was being honest with you and myself, I’d admit that it’s that I finally did some more unpacking of my craft supplies (only about 6.5 months post move) that really did it.

Anyway. I have had this really pretty yarn for a few years and hadn’t yet committed to doing anything with it. I even actually spun it myself, which was really fun!

Here’s how it started out originally:

The original fiber by curlygirl75
The original fiber, a photo by curlygirl75 on Flickr.

And in the process of spinning:

On my spindle by curlygirl75
On my spindle, a photo by curlygirl75 on Flickr.

This is only the second yarn I spun, so I am not very good yet at keeping a consistent thickness. I like to pretend it makes it look more interesting.

(Too) thick and (too) thin

(Too) thick and (too) thin

And this finished skein:

The finished skein

Oooh, pretty!

I don’t have very much yardage (about 50 yards), so I was looking for a while for a good project for it. I decided on the Sun Kissed Neckwarmer (here on Ravelry The pattern fit all the important criteria: super-bulky yarn, about 50 yards worth, preferably a cowl, free and something that used a needle I had. Perfect!

Here’s what I was able to do in a little time tonight. It’s been a really easy and fast knit so far!


— Christy

My first quilt

I started quilting in the fall of 2012. I started with some place mats, that went pretty well, I learned some of the things that seasoned quilters know. Measure twice and cut once was probably the biggest thing I took from that project. Having put that project behind me, I started a Christmas gift quilt for a friend. She is a huge Disney fan so I made a Mickey/Minnie Mouse quilt for her.



The Mickey Head was appliqued on and was made from 1″ squares and bias binding around.

It was a ton of work but well worth it as it was greatly appreciated.

— Jim


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