Moving forward

It’s been a nutty couple of weeks and I really haven’t been doing as much quilting or crafting as I’d like, but this weekend finally saw some much-needed progress on a baby quilt I am working on. I previously posted a sneak peek a few weeks ago. It’s a gift for my boss and his wife’s new baby, so I’ve had to stay very quiet about this one on Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s what I’ve done previously. I started with a really cute panel featuring animals and bright colors, so I started making some freestyle log cabin blocks featuring some other animal fabrics I had on hand. I decided to use four of the smaller panel portions on the front and then use the bigger panel on the back of the quilt. Once I had some of the blocks started, I decided to lay them out and see where I was.


At this point I wasn’t sure what (if anything) I was going to use as sashing, but wanted to see how the blocks looked laid out. From here, I had to add a few strips to some of the log cabin blocks to bring them up to a common size. After I did that, I tried them on gray.


I wasn’t crazy about the gray, so I went into my stash and tried to find another solid that would work. Despite recently having made a solid quilt and working on a few projects with a lot of different shades of solids, I don’t have very many large solid pieces, just lots of small ones. Finally, I decided to go with a bright pink I had. I was a little unsure about the choice, but after the top was together, I liked it more. Sometimes I think I need to push through with my instincts instead of hemming and hawing forever about options that are fine. I can spend way too much time on little decisions.

Anyway. Here’s the finished top!


(I didn’t think about it at the time, but my little guild of quilting friends decided on a log cabin challenge this year. Nice to think I might have a quilt featuring log cabin blocks done before much longer! I am always finishing these challenge projects at the last minute, so this is pretty awesome in my book.)

— Christy



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