Owl’s well that ends well….

So in my previous post you will notice that I was far from content with the owl that I made.


Christy was able to modify her construction as I discovered issues with mine.  The instructions were far from perfect, but one of the issues could have been a choice of materials.  By choosing design fabrics I may have been sacrificing one important inherent quality of felt – pliability.  Christy’s owl was plumper than mine and thus much more stable and also just looked less anemic.

Enter my need to modify the pattern to make a more stable end product given my choice of materials.




As you can see the modified design is more stable.  I made the base of the front and back wider.  I also made the sides wider at the base.  Also the wings, eyes, and beak were all sewn on prior to stuffing and closing the body. I think you will all agree that the modified design will be more functional, though the original does have his own personality.


– Jim





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