From the back(b)log — quilted red pillow

I love to quilt and craft. There’s no question about that. And I love the idea of quilt/craft blogs. I love to read them, constantly finding new items that inspire me. I also love the idea of me blogging, but historically (and honestly), I suck as a blogger.

I mean well. I really do. I work on projects, I take photos, I download them to my computer, but that’s kind of where I grind to an all-too-familiar halt. Hence, I have a TON of backlogged quilts and projects I never got around to posting about. So forgive me if some of my projects for this new blog are kinda old. I hope I can get a more complete record of my quilting and crafting efforts and maybe become a more regular blogger in the meantime!

Anyway. Speaking of old projects, here’s the first of many.

I made this pillow on a whim, uh, quite a while ago. If it helps put a time frame on it, I think it was one of the first projects I machine quilted. (Oh lord, that’s been a few years. But at least less than 8. I don’t know if that makes me feel better or worse. Haha.)


It was a really simple design, just some solid red with some small red scraps, that mostly came from a small roll of fat eighths I got at Joann Fabrics in a bunch of different colors. (Oh, those fabrics have been used in a LOT of projects over the years.) I quilted the body of the pillow in simple wavy lines, but used a different pattern on the strip of scraps.



The pillow is currently not being used because my couch is a dark red floral that really doesn’t go with much of anything, including this pillow. Sigh. Someday though, I am bound and determined to get a simple, monochromatic couch and I will have a nice backdrop for all the pillows I have made (and am dying to make).

— Christy


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