Bags Galore!!

In the second installment of my bag series, I went back to the first bag I ever made.  This is a cutting board tote I made for Christy.


I decided to make this after helping Christy get ready for a weekend with her quilting guild.  She didn’t have anything to help carry the many rulers and flat items such as cutting boards.  It was made with freestyle piecing with many sewing/quilting related fabrics.


I made the top to look like a classic yellow ruler by appliqueing some black strips to look like measurement increments.


The long pocket in the front is made to hold the long ruler and has a cute button to keep it closed.


All in all this was much easier than I though it would be to make.  It was a fun project.  Stay tuned for a more nerdy bag in the next installment.

— Salty Jim


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