Covering my Kindle, or alternately titled, How to gather 8 pounds of fabric when you need about 8 ounces

I’ve currently been working on making a couple of quilted Kindle covers as gifts and I thought I’d write about the first one I made a while ago.

While sorting through some of my quilting and crafting photos, I found a series I took when I was in the planning stage of my Kindle sleeve. As you’ll understand when you see the photos, I totally cracked up when I saw the photo of the (gigantic) fabric pile I put together for this (really small) project.


I decided to feature a fussy-cut piece of a cool typewriter fabric and use pink, turquoise and gray as my main colors. As you may have noticed, I pulled quite a bit of fabric for a project that’s about the size of a small book. I always seem to do this for every project: find it completely necessary to go through a big portion of my fabric stash and pull any fabrics that might work, way overestimating what I will actually use. It’s not really shown here, but I also like to go through my scraps and do the same, so in this instance, very little of the above fabric actually made the final cut. If it’s not obvious, I love the planning stage, especially picking out fabrics.

I made the front and back panels into improvisational pieced log cabins and then quilted them with a loopy squiggle. For the closure, I just used a fuchsia ponytail holder and a button.



This project uses some of my favorite fabrics: polka dots and anything with letters. It was a lot of fun to make and not very time-consuming, either! When I post about the other Kindle covers I’m making, I’ll show what I’m doing the same and different, and what is working better or not as well.

— Christy


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