Finished owl Kindle cover, or, how I finally used some of my brown fabric

I’ve been doing lots of little bits of projects here and there, including organizing some of my scraps, but I really haven’t finished many actual projects lately. Luckily, I’ve at least finished this little Kindle cover.

I love the cute little owl fabric I planned the design around; I think it’s from a bundle of Japanese fabric scraps I bought on Etsy quite a while ago.


I don’t normally use brown fabric very much (ever), so it was kind of nice to make use of some of the brown and rust scraps I have in my stash (most were left overs other people gave me). Since this is the third Kindle cover I’ve worked on, I’m starting to figure out some easier ways to put them together and a better idea of what size is perfect to trim the panels to.


This is the first one I’ve made that uses a flap and Velcro to close it. I have previously had issues getting Velcro sewn onto items cleanly, so I tried a new Velcro that is adhesive and made for fabrics. The package says it can be washed and closed/opened more than 1,000 times. Obviously I have not put that claim to the test, but so far, so good.


The lining even looks (almost) perfect inside! It’s always satisfying to work out a design for something that turns out like you want it to!


Last weekend I got to spend a day at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. It was so amazing and inspirational. I took a TON of photos … hopefully I’ll get some of them posted soon!

— Christy


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