Little, tiny hexies

I learned to quilt the old fashioned way — tracing templates onto fabric, cutting out the shapes with scissors and then stitching them together by hand. While I have since learned to machine piece and quilt (it was really rather necessary if I wanted to finish more than five or six quilts in my lifetime), I still enjoy working on hand projects.

In the last week or so, I was itching to do some English paper piecing, but didn’t want to work on my giant hexies, which are in the sew together stage. I decided to print out some hexagon paper piecing patterns online. I pulled out some scraps and have been working on them a few nights here and there as I chill in bed, surf online and watch TV.

hexagon detail

Hexagon detail

I’ve really been enjoying working on these! These hexies are a half-inch on each side. They’re small, but not too small. I definitely have been thinking more of making a little mini quilt or a wallhanging. I have been known to take on some ridiculous craft projects in my life, but I don’t think I’d ever be crazy enough to attempt a bed-size quilt of half-inch hexagons.

The first time I laid them out, here was the result. I obviously hadn’t been making the same number of each color!

In rainbow order

The next time I tried laying them out, wow! I loved the effect (even though I was annoyed I forgot all the turquoise ones). Forgetting that row wasn’t enough of an annoyance to lay them out again that evening, however.


Next up, I tried little flowers. The first quilt I ever finished was a traditional grandmother’s flower garden quilt, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go down this route again. But oh, these little flowers are so cute. I’m not sure if the petals are too scrappy, though.


So, at this stage, I’m torn. I like both options. What do you think?

— Christy


2 thoughts on “Little, tiny hexies

  1. I started one a few years ago…it is actually my only UFO…I wonder if I will ever finish it…
    Yours looks lovely, beautiful fabrics and bright colors!
    And, since you asked, I prefer by far the second option.
    Keep up the good work!

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