New blog, new project

I’m going to pretend that starting this new blog was the driving force behind this new knitting project, but if I was being honest with you and myself, I’d admit that it’s that I finally did some more unpacking of my craft supplies (only about 6.5 months post move) that really did it.

Anyway. I have had this really pretty yarn for a few years and hadn’t yet committed to doing anything with it. I even actually spun it myself, which was really fun!

Here’s how it started out originally:

The original fiber by curlygirl75
The original fiber, a photo by curlygirl75 on Flickr.

And in the process of spinning:

On my spindle by curlygirl75
On my spindle, a photo by curlygirl75 on Flickr.

This is only the second yarn I spun, so I am not very good yet at keeping a consistent thickness. I like to pretend it makes it look more interesting.

(Too) thick and (too) thin

(Too) thick and (too) thin

And this finished skein:

The finished skein

Oooh, pretty!

I don’t have very much yardage (about 50 yards), so I was looking for a while for a good project for it. I decided on the Sun Kissed Neckwarmer (here on Ravelry The pattern fit all the important criteria: super-bulky yarn, about 50 yards worth, preferably a cowl, free and something that used a needle I had. Perfect!

Here’s what I was able to do in a little time tonight. It’s been a really easy and fast knit so far!


— Christy