Problem and Solution

Our apartment has an Eastern exposure which we love;however there is a small issue with the early morning sun coming through our window.


I had been rigging a temporary curtain to block it, but took it down every day.  Christy wanted me to show it, but it was way too ugly for me to post here.  Needless to say I wanted to fix the problem more elegantly.  I decided to quilt a window covering.


Christy and I decided on white with green and purple blocks.  Here’s the first block coming together.  As i progressed I decided on a layout on our design wall.


Finally I got it pieced and layered.  Initially I was going to use straps to hang the shade as you can see from this pre-quilted photo, but I didn’t like the look of the straps.


Christy is doing the hand sewing on the binding so I will wait to show you the finished product and tell you about the hanging solution we came up with when it’s done.


— Salty Jim



Hi! Welcome to our little home on the web. We’re Christy and Jim, and we’ve been dating for about two years. We live together with our neurotic little dog, Queso, surrounded by a huge fabric stash, a well-stocked kitchen and lots of other things to do.

Christy has been quilting for about 20 years and cooking for about 2. She enjoys baking, crafting and photography. Jim has been cooking for about 20 years and quilting for 2. He enjoys sports, anime, and video games.

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